On-site Volunteering at DjangoCon Europe

Do you have a couple (or more) hours of your time to spare? DjangoCon Europe is entirely organised and run by the Python and Django community. All of our core organising team are volunteers who have given up their time over the past several months to prepare for the conference. However we are only a few, and we need some help from you to make sure the conference runs as smoothly as possible.

Everyone who is attending DjangoCon Europe is welcome to volunteer, but you must be registered in order to volunteer. When you purchase your ticket, you will receive a link to our Discord server, where you can also join the #volunteers channel.

All help is very much appreciated!

Why should you volunteer?

  • It’s a chance to meet new people and possibly make friends with people you may not have met otherwise. If you’re new to DjangoCon Europe, volunteering is a great way to connect with other attendees.
  • It’s a great opportunity to discover a career path: volunteering provides individuals with new experiences and skills.
  • Session chairing is a great way to get to meet the speakers!
  • You’ll get insight into what’s involved in running the conference and contribute to the team!

How to volunteer

Join the #volunteers channel in Discord. You'll find a link to our volunteers sign up page and you'll be able to register for specific tasks and timeslots.

Types of tasks

There are various tasks that need to be done on-site during the conference and sprints days. You can volunteer to help out with one or many of these!

Registration Desk

  • Check tickets
  • Hand out registration badges

Information Desk

  • Help attendees with questions
  • They might need location information, time information and sometimes just a little help to find the best session for them
  • Provide face masks to attendees who need them, and provide information on COVID and other health and safety concerns

Session Chairing

  • Help speakers in preparing their devices for the talks
  • Introduce the speakers to the audience
  • Signal time left to the speakers
  • Make sure talks are finished on time
  • Moderate Q&A session and help with passing around microphones


  • Welcome attendees
  • Direct them to registration or information desk


  • Main social event:
    • Checking tickets at the door
    • Leading activities (board games, crafts, sticker swaps, etc.)
  • Social coordinators: help coordinate some informal social things, like pub visits, walking tours, etc.


  • The Assembly Rooms (main conference venue):
    • Sunday 28th May: setup 6-10pm
    • Wednesday 31st May: teardown 5-8pm
  • The Biscuit factory (sprints):
    • Thursday 1st June: setup 8-10am (TBC)
    • Friday 2nd June: 5-7pm teardown

This job involves walking and carrying items.

Ask for help

If you have any questions or run into any problems, please contact us at 2023@djangocon.eu for any information you may need.