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Why Sponsor DjangoCon Europe?

This will be the 15th DjangoCon Europe, and is being held in Edinburgh from the 29th May to the 2nd June. DjangoCon Europe is the biggest dedicated Django conference in Europe and attracts many of the World’s leading Django developers to speak, conduct workshops and share knowledge.

If you’re looking to hire developers, promote a product that’s useful to developers, promote awareness of your organisation, or just give something back to the community, then you should sponsor DjangoCon Europe.

DjangoCon Europe has existed for more than a decade and is professionally run by passionate volunteers, and on a not-for-profit basis.

Sponsorship Packages

The following table details the core sponsorship levels. We have several different packages that offer different levels of visibility, but all will show your organisation’s support of the Django Community, both on the screen during the conference, in printed materials.

Gold sponsorship and above includes a booth, which will be placed in the Assembly Rooms’ main ballroom, alongside the stations that will provide food and drink at various points during the conference. Gold sponsorship and above will also feature at the start of each talk when they are published on YouTube and thus provide excellent visibility outside of the conference itself.

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See the list of extras packages for options you have on top of your core package for increasing your presence at the event.

Level Description Included Tickets Price Number Available
Bronze Thank you for sponsoring!
This package will get you a great presence for your logo. It’ll be included whenever all sponsors are listed, on screen and printed materials.
  £1000 10
Silver Extra presence, including a roll-up banner (to be provided by the sponsor) in a prominent location at the conference. 1 £2500 5
Gold We’ll provide a standard sized booth area for you to demonstrate your product and meet with attendees. 3 £6000 5
Platinum We’ll provide a standard sized booth area in a prominent position, for you to demonstrate your product and meet with attendees. You’ll get extra logo presence and several mentions each day during the conference. 5 £10000 3
Diamond There’s only one of these packages available. We’ll give you a large space to set up a booth in the middle of our incredible ballroom, and you’ll be the most visible sponsor. Your commitment to the Django community won’t be in doubt with this package. 8 £15000 1

Extras Packages:

The following packages are options that can be added to the base sponsorship levels above. Please feel free to reach out to us to discuss your specific requirements if one of the following doesn’t quite match what you’re looking for.

Lanyard Sponsorship: £1500

Your logo will be printed on every attendee’s lanyard. You won’t be able to look around without seeing your logo printed at a small size on everybody. This package is available to gold sponsors and above.

Social Sponsor: £1500

Social sponsorship will attach your company’s brand to the social evening being planned at Edinburgh’s Caves, a series of interconnected rooms in a very old building in an ancient part of Edinburgh. Various activities are currently being considered, including board games, craft events and of course drinks and snacks.

Accessibility Sponsorship: £3500

Accessibility sponsorship will attach your company’s brand to the accessibility features of the conference, specifically the SSTR reporting that provides live speech-to-text transcription. You’ll receive extra mentions when the presence of the SSTRs are mentioned.

Diversity Sponsorship: £Various

This sponsorship package includes contributions to various diversity initiatives, including diversity grants and the operation of the conference crèche. Your brand will be associated with the diversity initiatives you’ve chosen. Please contact us to discuss options.

Please contact with questions and comments and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours! We are also available to schedule a call to clarify all the sponsorship packages and even adapt them to your company specific requirements.