Opportunity Grants

NOTE: Opportunity grant applications are now closed.

DjangoCon Europe 2023 is pleased to offer grants for those who might otherwise not be able to attend.

Sponsorship and contributions

Your organisation can help increase diversity at DjangoCon Europe by contributing to the opportunity grant fund. Please check out our sponsorship information page for more information.

You can also help by purchasing a supporter ticket which will allow us to allocate extra funds to providing cheaper or free tickets to those who would not otherwise be able to afford to attend.


We encourage anyone who needs assistance to attend to apply for a grant. We’d love to be able to help all those who submit applications, but our funds are not unlimited, so we can’t meet all requests. Our goal is to maximise the impact our grant program has, within the limited funds that we have available.

Your application will be treated in complete confidence.

Our selection process will take into account:

  • The contribution that the applicant can make to the conference and the wider community. This may be because you are a speaker or workshop/tutorial presenter, or because you have an impact on the Django community in some other way (e.g. local community organisers, open source contributors).
  • Supporting inclusivity and diversity by prioritising those who belong to under-represented or marginalised groups*.
  • Supporting newcomers to the Python and Django community, especially first time attendees who may not have the financial means to attend.
  • The impact attendance at the conference will have on the individual applicant compared to others. This may take into account factors such as their local opportunities to attend similar conferences, their involvement in the local community, and their individual circumstances.

*under-represented or marginalised groups include, but are not limited to:

  • women and other gender minorities of all expressions and identities; e.g. trans, agender and non-binary people
  • people of colour
  • sexuality minorities, including asexual people
  • people with disabilities, whether visible and invisible
  • neurodivergent people
  • people with chronic illnesses or diseases
  • religious and ethnic minorities
  • age minorities (under ~21, over ~60)
  • people experiencing poverty
  • homeless and home/food-insecure people
  • caregivers of children or other dependents
  • people who have experienced trauma and its aftermath (PTSD, anxiety, etc)
  • people living with or recovering from substance abuse
  • people who have been displaced or affected by wars in Ukraine and elsewhere

How to apply

Opportunity grant applications closed on 31st March 2023. If you applied for a grant, we aim to inform you of the results soon after the closing date.

You can apply for 3 types of grant:

  • Conference ticket: a free standard ticket to the full conference talks and sprints (note that if you are a speaker, you will receive a free ticket)
  • Travel and accommodation: we will consider applications for contributions towards travel and accommodation costs up to a maximum £300
  • Visa application fee: reimbursement for the cost of a UK Standard Visitor visa (up to £100).

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the organisers at 2023@djangocon.eu.

Receiving funds

Grants will be paid at the conference or shortly after, as a cheque in GBP. Alternative methods may be available in exceptional circumstances.

Reimbursements for travel/accommodation/visa fees will only be made after submission of invoices/receipts.