Speaking at DjangoCon Europe

We invite proposals from the whole Django community on a wide range of topics from speakers and developers with a wide range of experience. You don’t have to be an expert Django developer or an expert speaker to speak at DjangoCon Europe!


  • Django internals and challenges in modern web development.
  • Wild ideas, clever hacks, surprising or cool use cases.
  • Improving Django and Python developers’ lives.
  • Pushing Django to its limits.
  • Fundamentals, in a modern light.
  • The Django and Python community, culture, history, past, present & future, the why the who and the what of it all.
  • Security.
  • Whatever you deem appropriate – it’s your conference, after all!

You may think that your idea is not suited to DjangoCon Europe, or that you couldn’t possibly present it well, or that others will do it better. We want to prove you wrong. You should consider reading Sasha’s blog post on why you should speak at DjangoCon Europe! This blog post still holds true 8 years later.

If you would like to ask a question, you are always welcome to contact the programme team

Some DjangoCon Europe speakers have found this talk useful:

Selection process

We’ll choose a selection of talks and tutorials that we feel make the most enjoyable and engaging programme for our attendees.

Reviewing the talks and tutorials submitted to a conference can be a daunting task – there is much to consider, and usually there are more great submissions than there are slots available in the conference schedule.

We’d like to make our reviewing process and guidelines transparent to every submitter and attendee. This shows what will await you during the conference as an attendee, and will help you understand our decisions regarding your submissions.


The following describes the current plans for our review process. This process may change as we become aware of things we can improve.

This year, the first round of reviews will be conducted on anonymised submissions. This will give us a base rating for each talk. Adding anonymised submissions has been a very successful step in improving the diversity of speakers and content at conferences around the world.

Once all anonymised submissions have been reviewed, the proposals will be de-anonymised, and talks will be selected from this list, ensuring that the selected talks represent the entire Django community, taking into account a number of factors:

  • The speakers should represent the broad diversity of the Django community.
  • The talks should cover a broad range of experience and topics that will be of interest and use to our community. This may include everything from highly-technical talks to talks that contain no references to coding at all.
  • We will encourage talks from new developers and new speakers! This is how we build a sustainable community for the future.

We will, of course, notify you of the review outcome. We’ll probably send out some of the acceptance mails before the rejection mails, to give accepted speakers a chance to confirm they will be able to give their talk.

We value your feedback. If you have any questions or concerns, or you wish to volunteer for the review team, please contact the programme team