There is no "I" in DjangoCon EU. Thank you to all our volunteers who make DjangoCon EU happen!

Photo of Becky Smith

Becky Smith

Software developer at Bennett Institute for Applied Data Science
Photo of Çağıl Uluşahin Sönmez

Çağıl Uluşahin Sönmez

Lead backend engineer at Kraken Technologies
Photo of Daniel Rios

Daniel Rios

Senior Software Engineer at Thermondo
Photo of Helen Williams

Helen Williams

Software developer
Photo of Kate Ho

Kate Ho

Head of Product at BBC
Photo of Laurence Billingham

Laurence Billingham

Development Tooling Team Lead at Payoneer Merchant Services
Photo of Mark Smith

Mark Smith

Senior Developer Advocate at MongoDB
Photo of Ngazetungue Muheue

Ngazetungue Muheue

Software Developer and Open-Source Software community organiser
Photo of Padraic Harley

Padraic Harley

Lead developer at Rightly
Photo of Rachel Willmer

Rachel Willmer

Freelance DevOps/Cloud Consultant
Photo of Raquel Dou

Raquel Dou

Linguist and Python enthusiast
Photo of Sarah Abderemane

Sarah Abderemane

Software developer at TKT Thinking Technology
Photo of Thibaud Colas

Thibaud Colas

Front end developer and Consultant at Wagtail
Photo of Tom Carrick

Tom Carrick

Engineering manager at Lightmatter