New to DjangoCon Europe?

Audience for a talk at DjangoCon Europe 2022 in Porto

Are you coming to DjangoCon Europe for the first time? Here’s some information to help you make the most of your time at the conference.

Know the schedule

Have a look at the schedule in advance so you know which talks and workshops you especially want to go to. If you’re particularly interested in attending a workshop, remember that these have limited availability, so make sure you get there early to get a space!

Avoid the queues

Show up early to collect your badge - there’s usually a queue on the first morning! Registration is open from 8am on Monday 29th May, although the conference doesn’t start until 10am. Arrive early and have a chat to our sponsors and other attendees before the talks.

Join the Discord community

In your ticket confirmation email, you will have a link to join our Discord server. This is where you can connect with other attendees, get information about volunteering and social get-togethers. There will also be channels during the conference where you will be able to interact with speakers and ask questions.

Make friends

Talk to as many people as possible. People will introduce you to other people and you can also introduce them to people you’ve met. If this sounds terrifying, tell people it’s your first time at a DjangoCon as a conversation starter. DjangoCon attendees are friendly and will be happy to talk to you if you’re new!

Use the Pac-Man rule: if standing in a circle, leave a gap for new people to join.

Use the #social channel in Discord to find people to join for dinner, drinks, a walk around our beautiful city, or anything else you want to do! This is a really great way to find other people to hang out with, even if you didn’t know anyone before you arrived.


Volunteering at the conference is a great opportunity to meet other attendees, get involved with the community, and see how things happen behind the scenes!

Have a look at the volunteers page and join the #volunteers channel on Discord.

Give a lightning talk

Speaking at a conference is a fantastic way to meet people - it’s an easy way to begin a conversation, and people will want to talk to you about it! If you’re not already speaking at DjangoCon Europe, consider submitting a proposal for a lightning talk. This is a 5 minute talk on anything you like! Find out more in our lightning talks news post.

Explore the city

Have a look at our guides to the city for some ideas of things you can do around Edinburgh. You can also ask any of the organisers - many of us live here and will be happy to give you suggestions!